About Me

I’m a professor and entrepreneur. I’m apparently pretty good at both of these things, yet, I find that I’m continuously learning and growing in both realms. I suspect if this growth was to slow in either domain, I would likely cease to continue doing either well. I often use the analogy of comparing the intellectual pursuit of research and technology to an olympic sport, or kung fu. Once you stop training, you stop being relevant, no matter how strong you might be at any time.

I wouldn’t claim to know what the significance of anything is, but I try to do things of significance that I’m proud of and has impact on the world and the people around me. This site serves as a archive of these creations, with particular emphasis on intellectual and technological contributions. I’ll try to keep this relatively up to date. To increase the likeliness of this, I’ll take the approach of each post primarily being a cut and paste job, much in the spirit of a scrapbook.

The Professor

The Entrepreneur